"Being Green, while staying Purple"
Being Green means different things to different people.  To most, it represents being eco-friendly or environmentally conscience.  We use the term green for sustainability and the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle).  These things are increasingly important to our planet and need to become an automatic part of the things we do each day.

"Being Green" can mean you are a beginner.  Triathlon is a sport that is forever attracting these green participants… just getting started, eager to learn, and hungry for more information.  And if you ask most experienced triathletes, they will probably still call themselves green.  With three sports, races of varying lengths and sequence, and more gear than Santa can fit in his sleigh, there is always a lot to learn for any athlete in the multisport world.
This is where we come in… green races for green athletes.  We want to help with:
  •  Simplify the learning curve
  •  Tips on the basics (triathlon 101)
  •  How to avoid common mistakes
  •  Races that are friendly to beginners and the environment 
We hope to create a funnel of races around the country to showcase new communities and new athletes interested in multisport.   We all have dreams of moving to Olympic and someday Ironman distances, but until we get to Kona, let's start by making a fun and friendly sprint distance race that helps people get not just to the start line, but also to the finish.
Why Purple?
So that explains the green, but what about the purple?  For those of us more inclined to the creative side of the color wheel, purple is the color we use to express ourselves.   Purple is the color of those striving for more and different ways to do the ordinary.  Entire web campaigns are dedicated to encouraging the purple in all of us.  And we promise not to disappoint in this area!